FKT: Katy Farrell - Blue Marsh Lake Circumnavigation (PA) - 2020-05-15

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3h 41m 1s

Tried to follow Luther’s route as best I could. Some questionable crossings could not brave the bushwhacking in fear of getting really lost. Overall a good run, very hard to navigate I spent almost 30 minutes stopping to figure out where to go and backtracking several places.

Admin note:  Katy's run is flagged because she crossed the inlet at Power Mill Creek on Hwy 183, which is forbidden under the guidelines set out for this route.


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Nice work!  I understand the goal to run around it as quickly as possible, but I think establishing a course for FKT that follows that already mapped trail would have been simpler...?


The main point of this FKT route is to find your fastest way around the WHOLE lake.

1. The already established trail system does not go around the WHOLE lake.

2. There already is a FKT for the established trails system. It's called the Blues Cruise 50K trail race. This site, as stated in the guidelines, does not track FKT's on established race courses.

3. The main challenges of this route is not necessarily (though it helps) how fast you can run, but how well you can navigate, how well your path finding abilities work, and your strategic planning to decide whether road or trail or bushwhack is going to be faster for a particular section.

That said, Katy Farrell had a very good run but for some navigational problems....