FKT: Keith Laverty - Dyes Inlet Circumnavigation (WA) - 2023-09-03

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1h 47m 53s

Fun way to get in a quality long run with this new-to-me route and thanks to Nathanael Bate for the original submission. Felt pretty strong all day and no major hiccups. Verry muggy morning and electrolytes were a must! Ran with my Salomon pack and phone. Two brief stops at intersections and luckily ran through what was probably the busiest intersection in the Bremerton section. A lot of challenging rolling hills, especially toward the latter half. A couple of dicey blind corners with cars speeding along (think ~40 mph in a 25mph zone) but just enough of a shoulder too. I crossed the street on one blind corner before crossing back again (intersection of Tracyton Blvd and Holland Rd). Starting this route earlier in the morning (and on a weekend) would likely be a little safer. This could be a great training route for a course like Portland or Seattle Marathon. 

Submitting my time as 1:47:53 based on the "Dyes Inlet Loop" Strava segment; and since I had also ran several seconds before and after the start/finish of the segment (kind of hard to tell where exactly it started) to try and ensure the segment got picked up by Strava:….