FKT: Keith Laverty - Olympic Adventure Trail, OAT (WA) - 2021-05-02

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 50m 13s

After competing in the GOAT 50k, Marathon, Half Marathon (fall event), as well as the OAT Half and 12k (spring event) over the past five years all covering various sections of the route, it seemed too fitting to eventually go for the FKT for the official end-to-end route. Sensational singletrack! Prior to the run, I had a friend pick me up from the finish (where I left my car) to drop me off at the start, about a 20-minute drive between both ends. Then I began my run solo and unsupported along the way. I crossed the finish in 2:50:13 but took me an additional five seconds to actually stop recording since I had to unexpectedly scroll through Suunto's end of route display screen in order for the stop function to work.

About 50 degrees at the start and mostly clear, blue skies all day ?
Gear/nutrition: 3 Spring gels, 1 Maurten gel, 1 water flask, 1 Tailwind flask, my phone, Salomon vest, Suunto 9 watch, buff, 1 bug that nearly choked me that I was forced to consume and 1 bug to the eye. Last three miles hurt a lot more than I was anticipating and likely due to redlining my effort earlier on. Felt pretty strong all day though.
Kept reminding myself how grateful I was to be running healthy and feeling good, especially after a tough high hamstring injury setback this past winter. Memorable day!