FKT: Keith Laverty - Thrilla (WA) - 2023-09-10

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
2h 7m 12s

I decided to stick to the classic Thrilla route as suggested by Stanislav in the comments section, by running the central Pipeline Trail in the Redmond Watershed, rather than the Siler's Mill Trail variation. Started/stopped my watch at the blue sign for Sammamish River Trail near the baseball field parking lot. This route went through a lot of my hometown routes during my Woodinville HS cross-country training days and have done close variations of this loop. This was an interesting/fun weekend challenge to try this FKT the day after racing at the Crystal Mountain Hill Climb and a VO2Max type of effort šŸ„µ.Ā 
But since Crystal was all an uphill/VK style, no major muscle sorenessā€¦ but certainly some general fatigue during this FKT run! More fatigue started to settle in with about 5 miles to go but hopefully good practice on improving my durability/fatigue resistance!Ā Also glad that "Heart Attack Hill" was at the very beginning, as opposed to finishing on that hill :) A few brief stops at crosswalks for some car traffic. It was a beautiful Sunday morning, pretty toasty by the last few miles. Unintentionally ran this on the same morning at the Woodinville Wine Ride event, so lots of cyclists on the Sammamish River Trail toward the end but it didn't affect my running; just made the day more exciting!