FKT: Keith Nadeau - Chatham Marconi Wireless Route (MA) - 2021-11-14

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32m 47s

This history behind this route is absolutely incredible! Thanks to Jeff for sharing this route. This was just one week after I ran 93 miles at the White Lakes Ultra, but everything felt pretty good and such a beautiful day so I decided to go check it out. I parked at the museum and walked up the hill to find the start. I started pretty easy, then put in some good miles as I warmed up but made sure to not go too hard. I cruised onto the beach at the end and truly enjoyed the last stretch going through the single track beach trail to the ocean. After taking some time to soak in the beach I ran back nice and easy as a cool down. The museum was open so I went in for a full tour! First a 12 minute video explaining the history of Marconi and the area, then onto seeing all the restored machine. They had a booth to sit in and learn Morse Code and as I was practicing one of the Museum workers Bob had me tell him my name through MC. He was a master and blew my mind with his past and how much he knew. This was a real surprise for me to learn all this history from so close to home! Amazing route.