FKT: Keith Sardone - Saranac Ultra 6er Challenge (NY) - 2022-09-10

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10h 4m 1s
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Had a later start than I wanted but it the extra time was helpful to relax before it started. I ran this alone and said hellos to everyone I passed on the trails. Met a bunch of super cool doggos, one Jack Russell, owners said the little guy goes in the back pack on some of the slabs but he ran with me for a few yards. :-) Dogs are the best. I loaded my pack up with GU's and salt. I had a pack in my truck for resupply and a few singlets and socks to swap out as need. I highly recommend this challenge. Haystack is a breeze following Mckenzie, I was up and down in about 30 min, and the view was awesome first thing in the morning with the fog burning off. I am happy to have finished with St Regis. Despite the longer drive (40min from Ampersand) it was a much kinder mountain and my legs were happy about it. 

Saranac Lake is a very special place to me. Mckenzie was the mountain that changed my life. I have had my eye on the ultra for a while and have been training to get up those climbs as fast as possible. There has been a lot of attention on the Saranac 6 in the last few months with some of the community calling for the end of the challenge, or switching Baker Mountain out for Mount Pisgah. Seeing as it might end up being no more I had to get out and get that 6er Ultra Patch. While the future is still undecided there is one change that the board did make. They moved the trailhead for Baker Mountain to start at the bell at Berekely Green Park. This adds 2 miles to the 1.8 mile out and back. 

With this change being considered, and after reaching out to FKT, the route attached is reflecting that change, hence the longer time at 10h04m. I did take a wrong turn and rob myself of 20 min on the jack rabbit trail. Total bummer this attempt, if the removal of the 2 extra miles for Baker trailhead move (14:21 (GAP) pace), comes in at 9h36m. Being a change to the route all FKT attempts for the Saranac 6 Ultra should reflect the update to Baker Mountain.