FKT: Kelly Conroy, Tom Cullum - Grampians Peaks Trail (VIC, Australia) - 2022-12-09

Route variation
Point to Point
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2d 8h 3m 6s

Fkt North to South Self-Supported - Ke11y Conroy & Tom Cu11um

6am Wednesday 7th December 2022 Started at Mt Zero Carpark

Put a couple of drop boxes out on the arvo of Tuesday, 6th of December. 

Ate wraps.

Slept twice.

Twas’ fun. 

Twas’ easy because it was fun.

We out & back summited The Pinnacle, Mt Rosea, Mount William, Signal Peak, Mt Abrupt, The Piccaninny & Mt Sturgeon. 

Finished Friday 9th December 2:03pm at Dunkeld Information Centre.

(We did turn around to go back to our car at Mt Zero however Sunday afternoon rolled around too soon and we had work Monday morning so we called for a lift with fish’n’chips on board and happily went home).