FKT: Kelly Halpin - Teewinot Mountain, East Face (WY) - 2023-08-24

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3h 2m 35s
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Really excellent weather for a quick Teewinot run. The rain from previous days kept the trails tacky but the rock had just enough time to dry off. All season I have wanted to drop my time down from a few years ago. My aim was car to summit in 1hr 45min but in the end I was 1min and 46sec slower to the summit. The descent went pretty well considering there was still a snowfield to navigate and the moraine below still very loose. I moved efficiently on the 5th class sections. I had carried a light axe but didn't need it in the end. The trail was in as good of shape as it could be considering it isn't a maintained trail. I think I could have pushed myself run faster downhill but after injuring myself three times this summer falling on steep downs, I kept it controlled. I still may go for a faster time (sub 3hr) later this year but the weather has been unusually stormy and cold so we shall see. Still happy with the effort today. Car to summit 1:46:46. Car to car 3:02:35.