FKT: Kelly Halpin - Telescope Peak from Shorty's Well (CA) - 2018-12-09

Route variation
round trip from Shortys Well
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
13h 27m 0s

Begin at -262 below sea level at Shorty's Well / intersection of West Side Road and Hanaupah Canyon, climb 9+ miles to Shorty's Mine then ascend the ridge to north, follow to the Telescope Peak trail, summit Telescope, return the same way back to Shorty's Well. Gain is roughly 11.6k and ( according to my device) 34.8 miles RT. There was significant snow above roughly 7500ft. 

Trip report link:[0]=68.ARBWWivwQfEqCXWKYZUCO8jZ5Tg7Yea1jg6m1tomO552iiai_s2qI2RFUggFKLnq1B1ZlPGxizIjRHTUBDFafybvQxDfR9N6G_vrWCp6CFbrnR-baswCp5vOnIL_wzUKrDrEMYzmTuf_7RRp0obPsnSxn-8vGpqAWqJPEqql_9KtwirCE_XrjkWC

My Garmin watch is on the outs so rather than using it to track and risk battery loss, I used my Spot Device and took photos of the time. My watch was also still set on Mountain Standard Time so it was an hour later than CA time. I started at 3:10am and finished back at the intersection at 4:37pm. I also have a full story as a highlight on my instagram account @kyehalpin