FKT: Kelly Halpin - Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup (UT) - 2019-07-28

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Standard route
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Total time
23h 46m 33s

My watch went haywire halfway through when I tried to recharge it, so I don't have an accurate Strava. 
Started at 11:45am on 7/27/19 and ended at 11:31am on 7/28/19. The snowfield in the exit gully of Lone Peak was frozen at 9am and presented a big crux. 

From Instagram:

I had a really nice run yesterday on the Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup (WURL). Started at 11:45am on Saturday and finished way beyond my predicted time at 11:31am on Sunday, completing it in under 24 hours and snagging the women’s FKT. The WURL is 36 beautiful miles of technical ridge scrambling with 18k feet of elevation gain and around 30 summits circumnavigating Little Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake. I did it last year at a much slower pace and wanted to come back this year to improve my time. Definitely a little spooky and lonely to be up there that long (especially in the dark? or trying to descend a frozen snowfield) but totally worth it in the end. Big shout out to my sponsors @lasportivana @ospreypacks@nativeeyewear @avalon7 @spot_llc@gnarlynutrition @opedix@honeystinger @ridge_merino and @medicinewheelwellness@derajslcfor putting the route together, and @irving_matthew for bringing me pizza and snacks at Cardiff Pass ?. Good times!