FKT: Kelly MacDonald - Huckleberry Loop Trail (Margaretville, NY) - 2020-06-28

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3h 15m 13s

I started in the small trailhead parking on Hill Road and headed north, as in the original route description. The trail begins with a nice, gradual climb on soft, smooth trail through beautiful pine forest. The Dry Brook Ridge section was also quite nice, and likely has some nice views on clear days (the viewpoints were all clouded in during my run). Portions of the trail are atop a ledge that I wouldn't want to traverse in the ice. Summer brought its own challenges, however, despite mild weather during the run. Many miles of the Huckleberry Loop Trail, especially in the second half of the loop, are overgrown and apparently unmaintained, at some points appearing to be little more than game trail. I had to stop frequently to look for blazes and check the route on my phone, especially in areas where blow-downs obscured the trail. My legs are swollen and scraped from all the overgrowth, all the way up my thighs! The route is also more remote than it appears on a map--I didn't see a single person the entire day, either on the trail or at the trailhead parking. Though the elevation grades on this route are relatively gentle and it does not involve any scrambling, at least during summer this is not a route for a fast solo time trial. Late fall may be a better time for this route, and it would be more enjoyable and safe with a partner or group.