FKT: Kelsey Eng, Dan Bates - TunxisTrails (CT) - 2022-06-21

Route variation
North trail, one way
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
10h 3m 51s
GPS track(s)

Dan and I set out on the longest day of the year to run the northern section of the Tunxis trail from South to North. We got a late start to the day and our main goal was to finish before it got dark. It was a cool day, but we did stash three water drops ahead of time that morning to refill our packs.

We saw a lot of wild life throughout the day including a bear, 3 bobcats, a porcupine, a deer, a turkey, and plenty of other smaller animals!

Due to a couple reroutes and confusing sections, we ended up with somewhat more mileage than expected. The first area was at Sawmill Rd where a development has been built. Other runners have also seemed to have trouble at this spot. Additionally, there has been a recent reroute in the Nepaug State Forest in New Hartford. The trail previously followed a relatively flat carriage road for 1.4 miles and now follows the previous blue/yellow trail for approximately 2 miles involving more technical terrain. 

Overall we had a good day out on the trails and finished our run just as it was getting dark!