FKT: Ken Posner - Devil's Path (NY) - 2016-08-06

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out & back
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Here's what Posner posted:  "A couple of folks asked about times for a round-trip.  I'm not going to suggest this is a record, since it's hard to believe someone hasn't done it much faster, but I did complete the Devil's Path Double in just under 24 hours on Saturday August 6, 2016, 10 hours on the way out and 14 on the way back.  I hadn't done any Catskills trail running in several months, and even when in shape I'm middle-of-the-pack, so I'd expect someone fast could do the double in 12-14 hours.  The climbing did get exponentially tougher for me on the way back, with Plateau #2 being quite difficult on the way up and down.  And something very strange happened:  my normally reliable Suunto Ambit 3R recorded 24 miles on the way out, but 32 miles on the way back....  perhaps the forces of darkness were toying with me.  It certainly felt that way.  Blog post: "