FKT: Ken Posner - Shawangunk Ridge Trail - 2014-05-24

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one way
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1d 5h 0m 0s

I just thru-ran the Shawangunk Ridge Trail in 29 hours

SPOT documentation:

The SRT is an extraordinary trail, notable for expansive views across the entire ridgeline, cliffs and rocky outcroppings of white quartzite conglomerate, and rare dwarf pine barrens.  SRT starts at High Point State Park in New Jersey, where it intersects with the Appalachian Trail.  At the base of a 200-ft tall obelisk honoring war veterans, you can look north and see the Shawangunk Ridgeline stretching out 50 miles in the distance -- that's where you will end up.  The SRT proceeds through rolling forested hills, passes next to the Bashakill wetlands, and cuts through the small town of Wurtsboro, before ascending the ridge again in the Wurtsboro, Roosa Gap, and Shawangunk Ridge State Forests.  After descending from the heights along an abandoned roadway, the SRT next climbs the steep but spectacular South Gully trail to reach Sam's Point, and then it heads past two sky lakes and into the rocky heights of Minnewaska State Park and the Mohonk Preserve.  In these areas, the SRT takes winding, rocky, technical trails, and includes a couple of squeezes and scrambles, before ending up on a paved road, route 6, for a steep downhill into the Wallkill Valley, where a rail trail takes you to the end point at the restored railway trestle over the Rondout Creek in Rosendale, NY.

Total distance is 74 miles according to the NY NJ Trail Conference.  My Suunto Ambit 2-R clocked the distance as closer to 80 miles.

If you're curious about the SRT, please note that we are planning an event on September 19-21 to celebrate the trail and the preservation efforts that went into creating a greenway of parks, state forests, and preserves across the entire Shawangunk Ridge.  This event will no doubt produce a new FKT for the trail.  Info available at:

I will post more detailed notes and pictures on the facebook page to aid runners and hikers who would like to explore this important trail.