FKT: Ken Posner - Shawangunk Ridge Trail - 2015-07-04

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
1d 0h 8m 0s

I thru-ran the 74-mile Shawangunk Ridge Trail again on July 3-4, 2015 and improved my time to 24 hours 8 minutes. This was on an unsupported basis.

Spot GPS documentation at:

More detailed GPS track from my Suunto at:

This route is different from the run I did last year as it incorporates a trail through the Mohonk Preserve that bypasses the paved roads and rail trail. We will use this variation for the race in September ( and it will likely become eventually the official route of the SRT once certain land access issues can be worked out.

As always the SRT is a special experience. High points included the views at the start, beautiful weather on Friday, seeing two bears, improved markings in the southern Gunks, views from the ridge at night. Low points included missing a couple of blazes at night, thigh-deep water on the Bashakill trail, and getting tired of roots and rocks.

Blog post on the experience at