FKT: Ken Zemach - Bruksleden 50k (Sweden) - 2020-05-02

Route variation
Standard Loop
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
6h 27m 48s
GPS track(s)

See Strava link for pictures and main notes such as water fillups and gear notes. I think it is both a) unlikely that no one has run this obvious route faster, prior and b) easily beatable. However, this is such a classic, epic, and accessible 50k that it really needs to be listed in the FKTs as a test piece for local runners.

This was the third time I ran it. The first time I was just exploring, stopping to talk to the rare people you see on the route, and it took me just a hair over 7 hours. The second time I actually paid attention, and we about 6:45. This time I worked it, and for ME, it was a bit of a push to come under 6:30. Someone please go out and crush this thing so we can see how fast it can be done! I'm betting under 6 hours no problem, but under 5:30 is unlikely.

From Strava:

I know a flat 50k in 6.5h seems slow but these trails are no giveaway.

I'm making this my blog post for the FKT submission. First off, I would like to note that I'd be very surprised if no one has run this same route, faster, prior to it being listed as an FKT. If anyone has some prior data, I have no issue with my FKT being removed and replaced, since it would then no longer be the first, fastest known time! I also think that a decently fast runner should be easily able to slip under 6 hours, and maybe 5:45, but much under 5:30 would be heroic. My point here though is that if you are thinking you can beat 6:26, you should definitely go for it because that time is soft.

I filled water at the 11.5km spring (clockwise direction), and then at the second big lake by the overnight hut. I used a hydration pack and brought a soft flask for filling it. Were one to go light and lean, I think a Naked belt and two soft flasks should be plenty: no pack required. Obviously bring a light rain jacket and buff, a phone, and food.

I think clockwise is the fastest as the trails are best, so while you're fresh you can float along, and then when your legs are more dead, you're trudging through less runnable stuff anyway. However, the difference, if there is any, is likely only a few minutes. Your call.