FKT: Ken Zemach - Bruksleden 50k (Sweden) - 2020-08-29

Route variation
Standard Loop
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Total time
6h 23m 21s
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So, the official Bruksleden trail has been changed!  And that makes the 50k LONGER by about 4km.   This then raises the question: is the prior FKT valid anymore, now that everyone has to run the longer route?

There is one way to solve this:  run the longer route, faster.  

I was about 4 min faster, and believe me, I did NOT waste time.  Maybe on a great day I could squeeze out another 5 minutes, but that would seriously be the best that I can do on this trail.  So if you think you can beat it, please do!    With the new distance, going under 6 hours is going to be REALLY hard.  Like, really hard.   

Some tips and whatnot on the strava link.   Get after it. 


As noted on the main page about this attempt:  

Interestingly, Jakob pointed out that my GPX file from my Aug 2020 FKT on the new route has the time right, but is missing a bunch of the start data.  I THINK what happened is that my watch didn't GPX lock in the beginning, which in itself is odd, since I damn well remember starting the watch in the parking lot by my car (not starting the activity though), ensuring I got a lock notice on the watch BEFORE starting the run.   Either way, before I started the watch, I started GaiaGPS on my phone, then the watch, then when I finished pushed the watch, then pulled out the phone and stopped that.   That data is here:

in case anyone wants to verify that I actually ran the damn thing!