FKT: Kevin Hadfield - Kokopelli Trail (CO, UT) - 2019-05-17

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1d 9h 21m 23s

Some photos on Strava.

Nailed the self-supported FKT... absolute struggle from mile 13 onward. I had Scott and Nick’s time in mind but the wheels fell off like I’ve never experienced... also solo, self supported is miserable. I was lucky that my wife would pop up occasionally on her bike for a random photo and encouraging words... no aid provided. I had classic desert->alpine weather from 80+ degree dry heat to rain/wind to blizzard in the La Sals.

As stated above... this is a claim on a new “self-supported” FKT. The previous record in the style was set by Paul Pomeroy on a long weekend from work and it’s stood since 2002 (BEAST!!!) I’d read PP’s trip report and gleaned the drop style from that. I planted 5 supply drops along the trail... ghetto style compared to Paul’s buckets... last Sunday enroute home from vacation I made the drops and prayed they’d make it through ? (See picture ?) The route was Koko TH in Loma -> Slickrock TH in Moab as per the accepted method from Scott and Nick... Somehow, I didn’t trip Scott’s segment so there must’ve been some variation... I made 2 wrong turns but quickly fixed them ?‍♂️

Physically I just felt wrecked from very early on... that said 4+ hours were shaved from previous FKT... Go get it!!! I will not ever run this thing again. ✅