FKT: Kevin Shaffer - Virginia Capital Trail (VA) - 2020-11-07

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
18h 38m 1s
GPS track(s)

I launched at 2am from Shiplock Park to cool weather and clear skies.  The first 24 miles to Herring Creek were beautiful and several times I turned off my headlamp to enjoy the stars.  The Richmond Marathon signs were already up for the start of that event which where great to read as I ran by.  My wife met me near dawn at Herring Creek and biked alongside me the next 54 miles.  She was amazing. 

Sunrise was perfect with crisp air and fog.  After the right turn after Charles City Courthouse, I began the next 14 mile stretch.  As I descended the bridge into Chickahominy Riverfront Park, a gnarly blister opened up on my left foot.  After some quick repair work got me back in shape, I made the final stretch to Jamestown.  Along the way I ran into Team Hoyt who were also running in a race.  So inspiring.

I hit the halfway mark and after downing a Sunkist and a peanut butter sandwich, I continued on for the back half of the run.  The temperatures began to heat up during the day which made the long stretches by the fields punishing to my tired body and mind.  A great friend joined us for the final journey home.  What a true friend.  I also had lots of aggressive cyclists buzzing by to contend with.

The final 24 miles from Herring Creek back to Shiplock Park were grueling as the physical and mental toil took its toll.  I did enjoy a sunset over the corn fields that lifted my spirits, especially with the cooler temperatures.  As I rounded the final corner for the last 2 miles or so, the night time view of the Richmond skyline was amazing.

I crossed the finish line to my 3 kids, wife, Mom, and best friend all cheering for me.  18hrs 38min 01sec.  What a great overall experience.  Now, healing and rest.