FKT: Kiana Ramli - Mammoth Crest - Duck Pass (CA) - 2021-07-16

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2h 37m 38s
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Found this route on the FKT website and wanted to give it a try and holy WOW!! This is one of the more beautiful and enjoyable runs I've done! The views of Crystal Crag, the high sierras, and all of the alpine lakes are just insane and the trail was a lot easier to keep and follow than I was anticipating; there's even a non-distinct trail to follow going up small talus field. The only spot I lost the trail completely was just after the saddle going down to meet the trail at Duck Lake Pass... not sure what happened there. The altitude was beating me up a bit more than I was expecting (probably from dehydration) and the last 2 miles of descent seemed to go on for forever with my ankle starting to bother me a bit but other than that, it was great run! Would definitely come back and try the whole loop using the trails.