FKT: Kiira Antenucci, Abby Westling - Rainier Infinity Loop (WA) - 2023-07-30

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3d 22h 19m 38s

Wow! What a hard thing to do, something we would never have even begin to think about if Alex and Kaytlyn hadn’t been the first women to do the thing. We saw them when they were doing it during our first year of guiding on the mountain, so huge shoutout to them for paving the way!!! The route on Rainier is long right now, bumping out all the way to the Emmons shoulder from the top of the cleaver, and then back towards the normal route getting to guide rocks. Everything else seemed pretty normal. We were self-supported the entire time, with limited begging for water (at camp muir). The rest of the run we found water along the way, since you seem to cross a stream or river every three miles.

Truly something we are still shocked we were able to do, couldn’t have asked for more supportive friends and families!