FKT: Kimberly Gardner - Inyo double crossing - 2021-02-28

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
14h 22m 38s

Extremely proud of myself for showing up today, considering I went back to sleep yesterday after getting all ready - just couldn't 'rip the bandaid off' (take my fleece PJ bottoms off).

Today I just wanted to 'show up' and let go of any time expectations. I didn't want to be slower than last time and hoped to improve, considering my femur isn't shooting sharp pain up the shaft of the bone. I might have a high tolerance for 'unpleasant sensations'. Of course that meant wearing my PJ pants and puffy mitts because I'm a wimp. My pack was a friggen bowling ball lugging it out. Next time I'll just 'rip the dang bandaid off' and save myself from carrying those heavy things! 

When I realized I was making descent time I shifted my mantra to 'I am strong, I am capable', which stayed with me all day and I felt and still feel great. I don't think my legs register vertical anymore, they just seem to keep going. 

Stashed 2L of water before the final 6k descent into Saline, very grateful I did. I couldn't keep up with water today.

Carried 5000 calories, ate about 4000.

I thought this would be the end of my obsession with this route I dreamed up a year ago.... I'm afraid I actually really do enjoy it! This definitely needs to be a trade route 😆.