FKT: Kip Arlidge - Algonquin Highland Backpacking Trail (ON, Canada) - 2020-05-17

Route variation
Main Loop (35 km)
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
3h 19m 59s

It was the second day after Algonquin re-opened for day use and i was looking for a rust-buster long run. The trails were less muddy than expected for this time of year because of the park closure and corresponding reduction in foot traffic however there were still many wet sections to get through. It looked as though no one had been to the back of the loop since the park closed because there were many fallen trees across the back half of the trail and it was difficult to follow at times. I was the second one in the parking lot when i departed but there were dozens of cars by the time i made it back through probably because it was one of the last nice days before the bugs will start. The run progressed smoothly in the counter clockwise direction until just before Provoking lake (~27 km) when i fell while descending a muddy hill. I was fine and collected only a few scrapes an bruises but must have hit my watch off of a rock or tree because it shut down without saving and i was unable to get it going again while i finished the run. luckily, i had run a set a back-up timer on my phone which i left in the car.