FKT: Kirrily Dear, Clare Holland, Allison Lilley - Great North Walk (NSW, Australia) - 2011-04-03

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3d 9h 20m 0s

Andy Hewat reported:

On March 31, 2011 a team of three ladies set out to complete a continuous traverse of the GNW to celebrate a milestone birthday of one of the 3. They had a support crew and were joined along the way by various local runners for parts of their journey. They were followed online via their Spot tracker by considerably more fellow runners and supporters. They ran from north to south starting at the official track head at Queens Wharf Tower in Newcastle and finishing at the Obelisk in Macquarie Place, Sydney. Details and highlights courtesy of one of their crew, Karl Miller.

Completing the event were: 

Kirrily Dear (Organiser and Birthday Girl)
Clare Holland
Allison Lilley

Start Time: Thursday 0500 (At the official start, Queens Wharf)
Finish Time: Sunday 1420 (At Obelisk)

81:20 hrs

The run was organised to celebrate the 40th birthday of Kirrily, with Clare and Allison joining her to share the highs and lows. Mathew O'Shea joined and ran from 146k to the finish with them. Half a dozen other ultrarunners joined and supported for sections as they completed the last 24hrs. The run was supported by Martin Carroll, Karl Miller, Keith Hong, Helen Pretty.

There was a lot of pretty ordinary singing going on to ward off the sleep monsters and some funny incidents along the way:
Trying to sleep for an hour in the middle of the Gosford Motorcycle GP (Pacific H/W, Mooney Mooney Bridge)
Allison meeting her ideal man along the way - A hiking stick collected along the way.
Entertaining the homeless brown bag brigade at Brooklyn, early on Saturday morning, as we set up a CP in the local park. 
Then Karl rummaging through the garbage bin at Brooklyn (in front of our homeless friends) to recover all Clare's medical kit that had been thrown out by accident.