FKT: Kirsten Arnauts - Promenade Verte, Bruxelles (Belgium) - 2020-05-31

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7h 13m 27s
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I have been running for quite some years now and i like running a race (preferaby trail) from time to time, in order to have goals - else, what is the point of running three times a week?  Unfortunately, due to Corona, there were no races on. I was getting a bit frustrated for not being able to enjoy my good shape.

Moreover, after running my first marathon in October 2019, I was wondering whether I was able to run any longer than that.

And lastly, I had heared of "de Groene Wandeling" some years ago already. It passes at only 5k away from my doorstep and it is said to be a very attractive path with plenty of greenery all around Brussels.

Suddenly these three pieces fell together and mid May i decided to give it a try.

I ran (and occasionally walked) it on Sunday 31st May, with the support of my friend who followed me on a bicycle with water and some food.

I started the loop at the cemetery in Evere and ran counterclockwise.  as a result the woods of "zoniënwoud" came last which was excellent from temperature point of view, but less so from terrain pov since this part contains most up- and downhills.