FKT: Kirstin Woody Scott - Ann Arbor Trail Linkup (A2TL) (MI) - 2021-06-22

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3h 53m 10s

I had been planning to post a proposed FKT for some creative way to connect many of the beloved Ann Arbor local trails (which seem to be endless if you know the right connection spots!) - and thus was thankful to see this route recently created by Jimmy Abraham with the very same goal in mind. I had the day off from the ICU and figured it would be a great chance to explore some old and new single track. Had a few route finding issues as many of the trails can run parallel to one another in the arb and some of these other trail systems - so I definitely recommend downloading the original gpx on a device to navigate and/or closely following along with Gaia. Carried everything I needed in my Salomon hydration pack and was fueled by my nuun, picky bars, and trail sister team energy. Hopeful this first attempt gets a solid FKT on the board but trust that a few less stops for photos and better familiarity with the course will help setup for a faster time the next chance I can get out there. Happy trails (and thanks for posting this Jimmy!)