FKT: Kirstin Woody Scott - DTE Foundation Green Lake + Big Kame Loops (MI) - 2020-08-15

Route variation
Green Lake + Big Kame Loops
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Start date
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Total time
1h 52m 3s

As I am still relatively new to the Michigan trail scene, I am always excited to find nearby trails to explore. I am hopeful to get some more FKTs on the board that are more dirt/trail singletrack/less point-to-point that require two cars, especially since we have so many beautiful trails to explore out here for those of us who are looking for solo/unsupported/self-supported FKT options! As such, I was excited to give this popular trail system out in Waterloo Recreation Area a go. I heard that the DTE Energy Foundation trail system is well known/cherished among the mountain biking community - but the trails are open for hikers/runners as well. This FKT route (which I had proposed and was delighted to see accepted as a new route!) is a combination of two of the loops (DTE Foundation Greek Lake Loop + Big Kame Loop). The first part (Green Lake) is really pleasant/runnable trail (just keep your head up to avoid oncoming MTB traffic, especially if you are out there on the weekend!). The Big Kame loop is relatively more technical but super fun/easily runnable trail. The Big Kame also has fewer blind turns that give you the space to feel like you can move with even more freedom. Really enjoyed getting out there and appreciated the kind words from the mountain biking groups I came across out there - communication on both sides is appreciated (and as the signs say, definitely run the OPPOSITE direction as the cyclists so you all can spot one another). Since this is not a lengthy FKT trek - water isn't really an issue for someone who wants to do this quickly - but you are passing next to Green Lake at multiple points and there are a few nearby streams where you could easily filter if need be. [Route distance/gain note - The Trail Run Project has this route and a .gpx track that I followed (with one additional premature left turn (when running clockwise) before getting on the Big Kame Loop - which I quickly backtracked and corrected course). That .gpx track lists this route as 10.6 miles & 603 feet of gain. My Strava recorded it as 10.47 with 499 of gain. My Garmin/Fenix 5s trek only listed 9.07 miles - but 591 feet of gain). The course is well marked and definitely >10miles & thus gain is probably closer to 600. For the actual "start/end" - I started/stopped my Strava & Garmin at the main DTE Foundation trail entrance (see photo) and not at the mile marker 0.0 mile start point, which is what you come across after running a short segment labeled as "two-way traffic" from the main green sign to the Green Lake Loop 0.0 mile marker start point.] Overall, was grateful to get out there and looking forward to more exploring in this area. Definitely expect far faster times to be recorded out there and look forward to seeing others get after it! As always, thank you to my incredible teams for the fuel & inspiration #teamnuun @nuunhydration @pickybar #pickybarambadassador @teamtrailsisters