FKT: Kirstin Woody Scott - Falling Waters Trail (MI) - 2021-08-24

Route variation
out & back
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Total time
3h 57m 19s
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Spotted this FKT route on the board and was eager to check out a new part of Michigan while sporting my awesome FKT hat (I highly recommend it to all y'all reading this!). I opted to give this a go during the hottest part of a very hot and humid day as the real feel was >100 and the humidity made me look as though I had been swimming within about a mile into the run. Though the elements made for a much slower day than I had hoped, I always find them to be great training moments that force us to dig deep and adapt as needed. For logistics - I carried 2 bottles of Nuun and ran out of much needed hydration with 8 miles to go and had already markedly reduced my pace just to try to not get myself in a heatstroke bind. Given the slow pace for what is otherwise a fast and smooth route - I have no doubt this time will be broken - but I was hoping to get a time for the ladies posted for the FKT board and hopeful this will make the mark. For those who may be planning on this - I followed the original FKT route where one starts at the Lime Lake County trailhead for the Falling Waters trail and then I ran to the Jackson end and then ran back to the Concord end. As others have done, one could easily start at either terminus and run it fully out and back. Tips for others - while there are bathrooms/porta potties at the Lime Lake and Concord end - there is no drinking fountain thus do not bank on this for refueling. It is quite a beautiful trail and I saw so many deer, turkeys, and some lovely views of the surrounding lakes. Looking forward to seeing others get after it on this trail and many others!