FKT: Kirstin Woody Scott - Potawatomi Trail (MI) - 2020-09-03

Route variation
one loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 29m 43s

Was grateful for a day off in between ED intern year shifts to get back out to the trails. I have been wanting to try to chip away at my original unsupported F FKT time from July. Though I was just a little bit faster today than my prior FKT post, I look forward to continually shaving time off of this course as my ankle heals (and probably when I am not so sleep deprived from residency). In terms of the route, I started my watch/Strava/inReach at the main Potawatomi Trailhead sign and ran the course counterclockwise. Though the true FKT .gpx ends when you leave the final trailhead, I took a few extra minutes to run up the bank to make it a complete loop and tag the original Potawatomi trailhead sign for good measure. Definitely less traffic today in terms of the MTB community but still ran into a few folks and had to stop as they passed on by - didn't see any other runners out there today though. Carried my 2L of water with me and my must-have fuel (Nuun hydration + Picky Bars + at least 1 Oreo). Happy trails friends!