FKT: Kirstin Woody Scott - Potawatomi Trail (MI) - 2021-04-18

Route variation
one loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 51m 36s

It was a beautiful day to be back on the Poto. I had the day off from the cardiac ICU and was grateful to be back on this classic Michigan trail. I was curious to see how my time would compare to my first trek on the Poto last summer. I also had written down 3:21:56 on my hand as that was the most recently posted FKT for an unsupported F on the FKT board...and I came in just under 30 minutes of this time. Ran fully unsupported, solo - carrying all my gear/fuel - including 2 Nuun bottles filled with this fizzy hydration, a handful of PickyBars, and my Team Trail Sister spirit. In terms of conditions - the trail is in superb shape. There were quite a few mountain mountain bikers out there today so I had to scurry to the side of the trail to avoid being in their way. Only fell once but managed to get right back up and keep on with some forward motion and a bloody knee. Here is to more FKT efforts on this trail for the ladies!