FKT: Krissy Moehl - Tahoe Rim Trail (CA) - 2015-09-30

Route variation
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Total time
1d 23h 29m 0s

Monforte's FKT stood for just over a year, and was bested by champion ultrarunner Krissy Moehl, who ran clockwise in 47h29m on September 28-30, 2015 (verified by publicly available, real time SPOT track). Moehl & Monforte's times are the 3rd and 4th fastest overall on the TRT, after Jornet and Twietmeyer. Trail Runner Magazine did a nice article on Moehl's run, and did an interview.



Moehl reported:

We did it! Supported Womens record - key word being supported. I had the best crew that worked together easily making the running piece my sole focus. I was told the SPOT went in and out and was a bit sporadic, but hopefully the track is good enough paired with photos and documentation from my awesome support team. I started at 11am 9/28 and finished at 10:29 9/30. Amazing runner trail, TRT.