FKT: Krista Fasciano - Nipmuck - Natchaug - Air Line Loop (CT) - 2020-10-19

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Total time
12h 32m 36s

I was able to start running by headlamp at 5:20 AM on Monday October 19th. I started in the parking lot in Mansfield Hallow State Park on N Windham Road and ran clockwise. I brought with me in total about 4 bottles of water on my pack and an assortment of food and gels. The first section of the 45 miles, the Nipmunk trail, was pretty successful, my body felt good and I was able to get the miles with little hassle, except for taking the wrong way a few times, the next part was the 17.8 miles on the Nuchaug Trail, by that time the top of my left foot was hurting so it definitely made things difficult, there was one section towards the end that was rerouted bc of trail maintenance so i did end up taking the road to connect with the Airline Trail a bit earlier than noted on the original route. I was able to finish up, semi strong on the airline trail, but didn’t bring enough water and food in general so it definitely felt good to get back to my car at the end of the run. Totaled up to be 46.93 miles with my wrong turns at a 15:56 mile pace.