FKT: Kristian Andres, David Tabbernor - Centennial Trail (MB, Canada) - 2021-10-11

Route variation
One way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 36m 19s

Dave and I ran Centennial Trail south to north from Caddy to Rennie Oct. 11/21.  The temps were cool,  a little bit of rain and fog with overall good conditions.  Neither of us wore Nike’s (which are slippery death traps on wet Canadian Shield) so traction wasn’t an issue even though it was wet.  

The effort was solid but we had a few navigational errors along the way,  the trail signage is deceptive as the markers used to continue north on the trail are also use on routes leaving the trail for the highway.  

The trail on a whole is quite runnable, and only has a few technical spots mostly around McGillivray Falls (tricky navigation here as well) there are not many places to fill with water so best to pack what you think will be needed.  

 Centennial is a nice trail to run be it fast or casual,  some scenic viewpoints.  It’s long, but not so long that it completely destroys a person and on a whole was very well maintained!