FKT: Kristian Morgan - South West Coast Path (UK) - 2020-09-23

Route variation
Whole route - one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
10d 12h 6m 0s

This was a supported FKT attempt and the name of the support was Sharon Mullan. We had hot weather for the first 4 days and it was a matter of just surviving from 11am till about 4pm. This is an exposed trail without any shade from the sun. Along the route there are many ferry crossings. If the ferry was not running for whatever reason then as did the past record holders I would run down to the point at which I would have boarded the ferry if it were in operation and then back to the support van. Then I would be driven around to the other side of the river where I would exit the van and run down to the point at which I would have stepped off the ferry if it were in action, then proceed to continue along the SWCP. On a few of these drive around's I left my Garmin fenix running but then decided it would be best if I paused the Garmin upon reaching the ferry and restarted after the drive on the other side of the river. Unfortunately due leaving my Garmin running for some of the drive arounds two of my Strava runs were flagged. I tried to crop the driving out but Strava only allows either the start or end of the run to be cropped, not a middle section. We did have a car crash into us but nobody was hurt and the van only received a small dent in the side panel. Towards the end around day 7 I had Simon Dicks join me for a 40 mile stretch and this was very much appreciated as Simon was the first person to run with me and this made for some fun times. The following day Dene Robertson  joined me for another section. On the final day Mark Berry the 2nd fastest known times holder joined me. At this point I had hurt my right quad muscle and was limited to walking for a while. This was day 10 which I intended to run throughout the night without sleep in order to make sure I got the record. I ended up having 30 minute power nap, upon waking up a runner name Jonathan who's surname I do not know ran with me along with my sister Stephanie Morgan. Jonathan really brought my -A- game back and I began running again to make sure the record was within reach. Finally it was just my sister and I until the finish and we took 3 hours off of the record.

Note:  Kristian also had live tracking during his run.