FKT: Kristin Woody Scott - Potawatomi Trail (MI) - 2020-06-07

Route variation
one loop
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
3h 34m 35s
GPS track(s)

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I am newly returning to the trails after an intense mountaineering/trail running fall <1 year ago in the PNW that tore my ankle apart. I have been determined to get back to the trails and feel blessed that even a single step is possible. Since moving to Michigan - I heard that Potawatomi loop is a staple for the trail running community. I was excited to give it a go today at my 45w mark + to symbolize the end of medical school/soon to be transition to EM residency. When planning this out, I noticed that no woman has yet logged a solo unsupported FKT for the Potawatomi. So while I fully expect this "FKT" to be broken as this was not a particularly fast effort relative to what I feel should be possible - at least this is a first attempt to log these miles as a solo woman on the course. Further, this will be a "baseline" test for my ankle recovery as this is my longest trail run in 45 weeks and it was a fun way to test out my brand new Garmin inReach mini - which I will always have with me for chasing unicorns adventures ahead... A few notes re: the course: 1) I had downloaded the .gpx file from the FKT and had this on my Fenix 5S watch. Though the trail is pretty obvious for the majority of the route - there are a few turns that would have been tough w/out having the navigation preset; 2) I started at the main sign to run CCW - though the official "route" ends when exiting the trail at the parking lot, I felt I should "complete the loop" and thus ran back to the main entry sign (this may have added that extra .5+ miles); 3) gear - I carried way too much (but safety first!) - no poles needed; 4) water - I always carry a Kataydn filter as a backup (and there are technically some options but not a ton readily accessible on the trail) but used a 1.5 L bladder + handheld to be sufficient. Multiple loops will require restocking in the car; 5) This is a popular route for our mountain biking trail friends so run CCW (and expect yielding to them to add time). Happy trails!