FKT: Kristina Folcik - Appalachian Trail White Mountains 100 (NH) - 2020-08-23

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1d 15h 21m 3s

WM100 done! 39.5 hours!!! Thank you to rich, ann, Bennett , Tyler, Leah, Jason, Jesse, stas, Elizabeth, Mike, Keri, Tim, Chris, Kyle, Jane, John, Sue. You don't even know how much everyone's help means to me! I've been trying to think of what to say after my spiritual journey through the White Mountains. I can't possibly put into words what I feel. I feel like I moved away from a hurtful past, spent time with incredibly dedicated and loving friends and moved towards a beautiful future. I raised almost $900 for Starting Point: Services for Victims of Domestic & Sexual Violence which is an amazing organization and realized that it is okay to ask for help. Even when I was walking through hell the last 20 miles I did it like I owned the place. I have never felt so loved, appreciated or strong. Thank you for following along and thank you for the support and donations. Onto a fresh start and healing my broken heart. This adventure was not just mine, it belongs to a lot of people because without them I could not have done it. 

I had friends run sections with me and crews setting up aid for me at road crossings. It was so much fun even after the ridiculous amount of blisters on my feet were killing me after mile 80 and my knees swelled up!  It was very warm out but I stayed hydrated and happy!

My watch shut off at mile 99 so I had to hook it up to the charger and start it back up so you will see two tracks. Also the GPS tracker only sent a ping every 20 minutes so that track mileage is off but does show route and elapsed time.