FKT: Kristina Folcik, Ryan Welts - Carter Moriah Range Traverse (NH) - 2018-07-07

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Finish date
Total time
5h 13m 15s

I just set a new ladies fkt on this route Sat July 7, 2018. We had to make a pit stop to splint and bandage my husband Ryan who joined me. He took a very bad fall on the descent into Carter notch and broke his hand and finger. He also suffered a hit to the head and several lacerations. He decided to continue with me after having JP at the Hut help with splinting his fingers, evaluating his head and knee injury and butterfly stitching the deep wounds. Including the stop I finished in 5:13:15. The link to strava is :

I'm pretty sure this would have taken under 5 hours without the pit stop. I'm really bummed to have my favorite running buddy (my husband) in a cast for a few weeks.