FKT: Kristina Kucar - Box Hill Round (United Kingdom) - 2023-06-28

Route variation
Standard loop
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Total time
2h 20m 39s
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** TO FKT ADMINS ** please note this is the original FKT route. a duplicate was posted earlier this year and should be deleted ( 

there are many commonly run Box Hill loops, containing repeated uphills/downhills of various grades 3% to 35% across gravel, small rocks, and dirt. this loop also has two paved sections.  i went with an anticlockwise loop just prior to the famous box hill steps, largely out of public transit convenience. 

my experience today: weather 22C and humid. in a spot of luck, it was mostly cloudy. i carried 1250ml of liquids and a handful of dried fruit. this effort was solo and unsupported. i didn't notice any public water sources on the route (please don't drink from the Stepstones pond !!)

tips: the brambles are out in force most of the year so you may wish to cover your legs :)  for those not familiar with Box Hill - it's stifling when you're under the cover of the trees - bring more water than you normally would for the distance.

improving on this FKT: i wasn't in any condition to push the pace today, and made a shoelace stop plus several backtracks, so there's plenty of room. ladies with solid fell/trail experience (and more patience than i have with Box Hill) should be able to lower it to 2h00 or better.  calling the Berquezes and Whatmoughs of the world ;-)