FKT: Kristina Randrup - Mailbox Peak (WA) - 2021-06-17

Route variation
new trail, gate-to-gate
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 57m 33s


ran 2:06 back in the fall and thought my record would stand for a while. About a month ago, Annie ran 2:03 and I knew I wanted to go back for my record. I had been waiting for when it felt right to go. I wasn't sure how I was feeling today, but with the weather so wonderful today, I knew at the worst I'd get some spectacular views. Got to the top in 1:12, 8 minutes faster than the last time. Got back to the bottom in 1:57 total time, with a 1 minute PR for the descent. Just like last time, I've got some nice blisters I burned into my heels from running too fast on the way down. I knew sub-2 was possible for women, I just didn't know I would be the first to do it. I'm very happy to get this one back, especially before I get into the thick of summer racing.