FKT: Kristoffer Jonson - Lake Washington Loop (WA) - 2021-02-20

Route variation
Standard loop
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Total time
9h 31m 35s
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Unfortunately, this attempt occurred on day 25 of Whole30.  Fortunately, I ignored this and stopped by McDonald's anyways on the way down to Renton.  Armed with a bunless Egg McMuffin (had to pretend to try) and an americano, I made my way to Coulon Park in Renton. 

From the Ivars in Coulon, went Clockwise around the lake. A few wrong turns later into Boeing Parking lot entrances, eventually found the Washington Loop Bike signs.  There were numerous issues along the trail.  By issues, I mean rampant availability of pastry and coffee that tempted with each step.  For more than half the route, I thought I had forgotten my headphones but stumbled across them when reaching for mango slices.  While the western side of the lake was run to the song of the pitter patter of my feet, the eastern side was filled with new reinterpretations of Love Story and slower pitter patters of my feet.  Turns out lots of road running makes my right foot swell.

All and all a fun day.  Hope to try it again as the foot pain slowed down the second half.  Food for the day was 18 dates, 6 strips of mango and 5 fruit strips. Found one functioning public tap on the trail near Sand Point and filtered water from Juanita Creek in Kirkland.