FKT: Kumi Redpath - Suffern - Bear Mountain Trail (NY) - 2021-05-24

Route variation
one way
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Finish date
Total time
6h 0m 38s
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It was very mild weather, about 60F and a little bit overcast compared to the last couple days that there up around 90F. I started my run at the north SBM trailhead near the Bear Mountain Inn at 9:50am sharp. My husband paced me from the start. It was Monday so we barely saw any other hikers or runners on a somewhat dry trail, a near perfect day to try for a FKT. We stopped at Kanawauke Rd around 12:35pm, the 9.6 mile point, to get water bottles that we dropped in advance on the way to the start. I carried 2 bottles until this point then switched bottles and grabbed a third one and a couple gels. Actually, our original plan was to pace our friend who was attempting to beat the FKT on the out and back. But in the end he couldn’t catch up with us. During the last one mile, I passed my pacer, husband, and ran ahead to try and beat sub 6 but I came up short in 6:00:38.