FKT: Kyle Curtin - Tahoe Rim Trail (CA) - 2020-07-04

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1d 17h 9m 0s

On July 3rd I took off from Echo Lake Summit on the Tahoe Rim Trail at 6 am in the clockwise direction in an unsupported attempt for the FKT. I carried all my food and filled up only at natural water sources for the entire 171-mile loop. The longest stretch without water was on the Nevada side (I did not go off-trail to fill up at Spooner Lake) between Ophir Creek and Kingsbury which was around 35 miles. I filtered water until the Mt Rose wilderness, and then drank unfiltered the remainder of the way with no ill effects. My GPS watch lasted for all but the last section from Luther Pass back to my finish at the Echo Summit parking lot. (it went into a power-saving tracking mode that I didn't stop until my drive home on the 5th, hence the 54-hour total time). I also restarted my watch at ~7 am and ~8 am because I was messing with my heart rate monitor. This is the reason for 3 gpx files. Luis Escobar provided no aid, but did document the effort by taking pictures and video at every major road crossing. I finished at 11:09 pm on July 4th for a 41 hour and 9-minute attempt. Phil Slama was also present for both the start and finish. Hellen Pelster was present for the finish too.