FKT: Kyle Richardson - LA Freeway (CO) - 2018-08-01

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
16h 28m 53s

Trip report:

Kyle's trip was tracked via SPOT.

He went self supported, with 3L water stashed at Buchanan & Pawnee Passes a couple days before.

Longs Peak: 2hrs 4m

Pagoda: 2hrs 34m

Chiefs Head: 3hrs 20m

Alice: 4hrs 7m

Tanima: 4hrs 34m

Isolation: 5hrs 32m

Ouzel: 6hrs 2m

Ogalalla: 6hrs 28m

"Ooh La La": 6hrs 50m

Point 12227: 7hrs 28m

Red Deer: 7hrs 45m

Sawtooth: 8hrs 16m

Algonquin: 8hrs 48m

Paiute: 10hrs

Toll: 10hrs 44m

Pawnee: 11hrs 5m

Shoshoni: 11hrs 42m

Apache: 12hrs 40m

Navajo: 13hrs 2m

Arikaree: 13hrs 38m

Deshawa: 14hrs 32m

N. Arapaho: 15hrs 21

S. Arapaho: 15hrs 44m

4th of July TH: 16hrs 28m 53sec