FKT: Kyle Richardson - The Slab (Flatirons, Boulder, CO) - 2019-10-02

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
30m 38s

Start at the Cragmoor TH - run to the base of the Slab - take any route to the standard dc from the top of Syzygy - run back to the Cragmoor TH.

Was set on the 4th stage of the 2019 Tour de Flatirons [an informal and illegal "race" series of various Flatirons routes]. Conditions: *sub-optimal* trail was a bit damp and muddy which meant I lost some time wiping my shoes at the base and not trying to fall on the lichens behind the Slab. Rained the day prior and the morning of. Definitely room for this to go sub 30 in the future if conditions are perfect.

Note: As part of a "race" this is paced = supported.