FKT: Kyra Powell - Algonquin Highland Backpacking Trail (ON, Canada) - 2021-11-19

Route variation
Main Loop (35 km)
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Total time
4h 49m 0s
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Set out on this solo, unsupported attempt this morning around 8:30am. 

This time was definitely slower than ideal... The water crossings were tricky and there were so many giant mud pits. Definitely probably not the best time of year to do this trail. Definitely want to try again in the summer when I can 1) see the trail better and 2) it's drier. Brought a lot of water but drank it all (ran out on the last km), so good to note for next time. 

For safety items I brought bear spray (they should be asleep now but you never know, haha), SPOT Unit, emergency blanket, first aid, firestarter materials, water purification tabs. I didn't need any of this but it felt safe to have it at this time of year.