FKT: Lance Smith - Centennial Trail (SD) - 2020-10-05

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one way
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1d 23h 35m 0s
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This was my 3rd time hiking this trail this summer.  I did it in June with family/friend's in 5.5 days and had experience of a lifetime.  I got thirty to do a FKT and that was a recon trip.  I did my first FKT attempt back in August of 2020 and set a time of 58 hr/22 min.  A few days later, I realized that I could do much better by making a few changes, not getting off trail for 1.5 hours, no sleep, using chemical water treatment, learning more about water sources and refining my pack/kit to be more efficient!  Seconds turn into minutes that turn into hours.  Just like every ounce counts in thru hiker mentality.  I had more to prove to myself and wanted to give it all I had.  I turned 50 years old this year and I wanted to show myself I still had what it takes to do something big.  

Started at 6 am-Norbeck TH in Wind Cave NP-10/3/2020

Ended at 5:35 an-top of Bear Butte in Bear Butte State Park

127 miles, over 19,000 ft in elevation change up/down

Went with no sleep, just a few strategic rests(dirt naps)

11,000 calories of food-about 6 pounds

This was Type 2 and mostly Type 3 fun.  I bettered my previous FKT by 10 hours 47 min by moving quicker at times(but not many), no sleep, being more aware of time, using my knowledge of the trail and pushing when it was uncomfortable.  

I can say that this was my best effort and one that I am very PROUD of!  

I can't wait to see the next person break it.  This is a great trail and one everyone should experience for themselves.  Reach out to me if you want to know more about it.

**Check out my Youtube video for on trail experience.  You will see the best of the trail, highs/lows, raw emotions an effort like this can bring out of a person!

Thanks FKT founders for setting up this site and a way for us all be better humans!


Lance Smith