FKT: Lance Smith - Iron Spring Trail (MT) - 2022-09-25

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1h 8m 16s


I was in the area after hiking across the Slim Buttes in NW-SD.  I had noticed this route and wanted to give it a try. 

I did the loop clockwise. I started at the sign list of FR117 at the South end where the 2 track starts.  This is trail3062.  I did the entire run.  I pushed pretty hard and felt good even after running/hiking over 40 miles the 2 days previously.  I am not sure what happened with my watch. I hit the run button and waited quite a while and figured it had connected to GPS.  I took off and ran the first 2 miles at a good pace as they had some up hill. Then the next 3 miles we’re mostly down hill so I was able to make up time.  When you hit FSR117 you have 3.7 miles to go and it has more up hill than I thought.  

I pushed myself very hard the next miles and felt myself getting over heated but was able to keep a good pace.   I did carry about 10oz of water and took in no nutrients.   I only saw some cattle in the trail and a camp where a hunter was parked.

I hit stop on the watch at 1:08:16 and kept about an 8:05 pace.  There was an issue with my watch the first couple of miles and it did not track my path but there is only one path to take. I stayed on the 2 track road.  I ran the full route and I started and stopped the watch at the post.   The Garmin app tracks all the miles and so did Strava.  

It is unfortunate I had the issue with the watch but the time is accurate.  See the video of the run.  It is a really cool area and I hope to get back to explore more someday.