FKT: Lance Smith - Sakatah Singing Hills Trail (MN) - 2022-04-14

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6h 37m 39s

See the YouTube video for a good idea of how my day went. 

High Wind Warning!!

I had the wind at my back for the most part.  The wind wasn’t as much of an issue as I thought it might be.  I ran 74 miles on a track 11 days ago and I was not fully recovered, so with about 8 miles to go it became much harder to keep a good pace.  I moved into walk/jog mode.

This is a good, paved trail and easy to follow except in Waterville where it goes through town.  

I carried all supplies and got water at a public tap in Elysian.  I started with a liter of Coke in my bladder and 20oz up front.  I ate 1 honey stinger, PB M&M, fruit chews, 2 gels, 1-mini Kind Bar.

Initially, I thought I could go under 6 hours.  When the body stopped responding to my commands, I changed to 6:30.  I also had some GI distress that caused a few stops.  Plus a blister about 25 miles in.  

I am satisfied with the effort and Day!

I am dedicating this FKT to Alex Kummer who chose Suicide.  Alex is not with us but we can live our lives to the fullest and keep him in our memories!   Alex was with me today as well as my family and friends!   It’s amazing what you think of when going for several hours and pushing yourself onward.