FKT: Lander Debrabandere, Andy Wiencek - GRP563 Tour Du Pays De Herve - 2023-06-09

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1d 0h 43m 40s

We really enjoyed the trip, but in the end we had some mixed feelings about the track. This is a beautifull region in Belgium and very well suited for running an ultra distance. The track covers a lot of the most beautifull valleys and rivers. The connection between these beautifull sections could however be a lot better. We had a lot of asphalt roads, really a lot.  Even where we knew (Andy knows the region very well) there was a beautifull single track parallel to the road, the choice was made to run on the road. Ideally we would take half of the track and replace those parts with more attractive variants. As for the trip, it was hard, mainly due to the extreme heat (27 degrees on averedge with regular peaks of above 30 degrees). There was some shade but a lot of the passages were very exposed field crossings, luckily there was some wind to cool us down. Every river was an opportunity for refreshement even with total emersion. We drank a lot (the list of local stores and restaurants was useful) and were able to survive until the night brought some cool. The asphalt and very dry/hard underground were hard on the joints after 100km, we were happy with the max cushioning-shoes. We learned a lot on this trip and thanks to the joint experience we were able to put a good time in very hard conditions. Can't wait to go out there again.