FKT: Lars Arneson - Grand Canyon Crossings (AZ) - 2020-11-20

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6h 38m 42s
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A super dark early morning, cool temps, and a little bit of a fast start had me on pace for the FKT. I lost some time getting turned around in Phantom Ranch as it was my first time there but was able to pull it together and make it to the North Rim in 3:15 and change. This put me right on pace with Dakota Jones' time so I tried to let the legs go on the descent but was met with quite a bit of glute, calf and hamstring pain. The climb out was getting warm and I struggled to run at all as I approached the South Rim. I got water from a spigot by the boat beach and at Manzanita on both the out and back. I carried all of my own food.